truck mounted gripper units

Truck Mounted Gripper (TMG)

Steel View’s Truck Mounted Gripper (TMG) is a lightweight truck mounted service truck designed to pull and run continuous sucker rod for all types of applications. The Truck Mounted Gripper works on slant and vertical wells. It’s flexibility is designed to work in conjunction with Services Rigs, Rod Trucks, Flushbys, and Mobile Crane. Our units come complete with Fishing Overshots capable to fish any broken sucker rod regardless of where it is broken or parted. Lastly the design of our Gripper’s allow Steel View TMG’s to pull and run newly innovated coated sucker rod in sour service applications. 

Jobs benefitting from the use of a Truck Mounted Gripper (TMG):

  • Continuous Rod Surfacing and Completions
  • Surfacing or Inserting Continuous Sucker Rod
  • Fishing & Repairing Broken or Parted Continuous Sucker Rod
  • Replacing Continuous Sucker Rod Strings