Steel View welcomed a new President, Rod Stang, and private shareholders in 2013, allowing Steel View to expand yet again to meet the local service demand.  Rod and his team strive to bring the ‘personal touch’ back to the area, focusing on the right people for the right job.

The original philosophy was that the owners should stay involved with the operation of the company and still today, the managers are company owners, and are the ones you speak to when you call for services.  Today Steel View still believes in that philosophy, and chances are when you call, you’re speaking to an owner.

Rod Stang - President

Terry Stang - Vice President

Delmer Shapka - Vice President of Operations

John Johnson - Vice President of Operations

Chris Eamer - Safety Manager

Mike Sieben - Operations Manager

About - Management team

Steel View is a high growth, privately owned Oilfield and Industrial Service Company with Canadian Headquarters’ located in Chauvin, Alberta.Steel View was originally incorporated in 1981 by the Johnson family in Chauvin, Alberta.  The Steel View name came from the fact that when you left the original shop, you had a view down the steel railway tracks that were instrumental in settling and developing the area.

The beginning of the company was one (1) Pressure Truck, and as Steel View grew, the Johnsons dispatched, operated, designed and built the equipment used to meet the specific client needs.