Steel View Rod Rig/Flush–By Services offer the client a cost effective alternative to bringing in a full service rig.  Steel View Units come in a variety of configurations to suit all your needs, including fusion welder, continuous rod gripper equipped units and conventional Single or Double hanging sucker rod rigs.

With access to a diverse range of tools and services, our Rod Rig/Flush-By Services will save you time and money, returning your wells to full production quickly.

Our Rod Truck/Flushby Capabilities:

  • Single Flushby Trucks with 46’ to 50’ derricks
  • Self-Standing Single Hanging Conventional Sucker Rod Trucks
  • Self-Standing 72’ Telescopic Double Hanging Sucker Rod Trucks
  • Self-Standing 72’ Telescopic Double Hanging Sucker Rod Truck with Derrick Mounted Continuous Sucker Rod Gripper Head
  • Ability to hang sucker rods from ¾”, 1” an 1-1/4”
  • All units are equipped with hydraulic rod tongs that are carded every job to ensure your conventional sucker rods are put together with the right torque
  • All units have oil well work over fluid such as oil and or produced water and or other fluids as requested
  • All Steel View rigs carry a large variety of fishing overshot tools to fish any sucker rod break that they may encounter
  • All Rigs are rated for 50,000lb pull capable
  • All rigs are fully certified to meet all engineering and legislative specifications

Situations Benefitting from Rod Trucks/Flushby:

  • Drive Unit changes
  • Polish Rod Repairs
  • Broken Sucker Rod Repairs
  • Continuous Sucker Rod Repairs (with Fusion Welder)
  • Downhole Pump Replacement
  • Downhole Troubleshooting (Broken Rod, Hole in the Tubing, Pump Replacement, etc.)
  • Well Flushes, Circulation, Load Wells, Super Flushes
  • Continuous Rod Surfacing and Completions
  • Sucker Rod String Replacement
  • Stuffing Box replacement and Packing Leak Repair
  • Well Rod String Spacing Changes
  • Assisting in Coil Tubing Clean Outs
  • Work with Mobile Continuous Rod Gripper Units

Rod Rig/Flush-By Services