For a reliable picker and hot shot service you can trust Steel View to make sure your job is done right. We offer reliable picker services to our oilfield and industrial clients. We are fully ticketed and trained to meet your needs on site and on time.

Steel View's Hotshot and Picker Truck Services utilize and 8 ton knuckle picker mounted on 3 ton single axle trucks with 40' trailers. They can be remotely operated to safely place materials and equipment.

Situations that would benefit from the use of Steel View’s 8 ton Pickers include:  

  • Hauling Rod Strings
  • Transport Polish Rods
  • Transport Well Head Drives
  • Haul Downhole Pumps
  • Haul Electric Motors
  • Transport Small separator bldg 
  • Transport Generators
  • Haul Production Tubing
  • General Hot Shot Delivery of Equipment and Supplies

Picker/Hotshot truck service