Hydrovac services

Steel View Hydrovac services provide a safe and reliable way to dig and uncover utility lines, pipelines and electrical systems. Hydro excavators can safely dig trenches, slots or holes with pressurized water and a high power vacuum.

Unlike backhoes and other excavating methods, this provides a safe non-destructive solution when digging around underground lines.  Steel View eliminates the risk involved when working around existing infrastructures. A Hydrovac greatly reduces backfill, landscape disturbances and minimizes restoration of the area.

Situations Benefitting from Hydrovac Trucks:

  • Pot holing safely uncovers underground dangers/obstacles: digging installation holes of varying diameter and depth for all types of poles: power poles, traffic signals, light standards, signs, fence posts, installation holes and foundations for structural support
  • Trenching - Hydrovacs provide a clear advantage over traditional slot trenches by providing a safe and non destructive method of digging trenches for water lines, wiring and pipeline installations.
  • Exploratory excavations
  • Railway track-side maintenance and repair
  • Clearing away environmental damage
  • Removal of material in demolition projects
  • Cleaning blocked street gutters, manholes and gullies, with no removal there is little traffic delay and with regular maintenance it reduces flooding problems.
  • Cathodic protection - the installation of anodes on a pipe can be a difficult business but with hydrovac technology a clean hole clear to the pipe surface with no chance of damaging the pipe can be done safely, precisely and quickly.
  • Spill clean up – effective waste clean-up and disposal
  • Tank cleaning – quickly remove debris from tanks
  • Clean out services – clean culverts, pits and sumps rapidly
  • Rig cleaning – swift removal of debris from tanks
  • Fiber Optics locator
  • Unique drilling situations - because a hydrovac truck can run 24 hours and keep up with cuttings, mudflow and cement from a well with no problem, it is possible to drill a well without a mud pit.