Steel View provides Fusion Welder Service to complement our Rod Rig and Continuous Sucker Rod Gripper Units to provide you the customer with one stop service for your entire oil well repair.

Steel View uses the Fireblade patented technology and currently has units available to quickly service your needs.  Our welders can assist you with;

  • In-field rod repair
  • Top pin repair
  • Splice repair
  • Bottom pin repair

What is the Fireblade™ ?

Fireblade took the principles of electric flash-butt welding and applied it to a proprietary, gas fired system that produces equal results. The result to the end user is an extremely portable and cost effective welding system known as the Fireblade™, which further reduces time and expense on location. This economic portable welding system can be used for all of your field welding requirements.

Fusion Welder Service